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viscose clothes on a rail

Is Viscose Environmentally Friendly?

Viscose is not inherently harmful to the environment, as it is made from trees, but the raw plant material requires a lot of chemistry to transform it into a viscose fibre, read on to learn about the science of viscose.

Silk robes on hangers - the truth about silk - why we don't use silk in our cruelty free garments

Is silk sustainable and cruelty free?

Silk, a mainstay of the luxury fashion industry, a fabric so embedded in our culture that it has earned its own adjective. It has a fascinating history, as well as a dark side which many people are not aware of.

Pink Orchids - finding inspiration in nature

Finding inspiration in nature

The beauty of the natural world offers limitless inspiration; from the detail on the wings of a butterfly, the dramatic shape of a tropical leaf or a million different flower forms. Here, founder Gabrielle Cave discusses how she finds inspiration in nature, and her work as a print designer.

Our Vision - Orchard Moon, sustainable luxury nightwear -
Our Story

Our Vision

We wanted to be a brand that was truly sustainable from the outset, a brand in which sustainability runs through its core like a backbone. Where we scrutinise every aspect of design, sourcing, manufacture and process

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