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Orchard Moon is a brand on a mission to create sustainable, ethical, beautiful, luxurious, cruelty-free loungewear and nightwear.

Orchard Moon is a London based brand which is all about sustainable luxury lounge and nightwear. We embrace creativity and believe that sustainability can be brave, colourful and fun. Our pieces feature unique and exclusive hand painted prints, inspired by the abundance of the natural world.

We believe that good design takes time and patience, and a great deal of development goes into every single detail of our clothing and accessories.

All our pieces are designed to fit and flatter with style. With the flexible comfort of transitional dressing, our versatile pieces will take you effortlessly from night to day, from beach to bar and beyond.

Orchard Moon Sustainable luxury pyjamas Wild Rose print
Dawn shining through the trees

We wanted to start a brand that was different. A business in which sustainability runs through its core like a backbone. Where we scrutinise every aspect of design, sourcing, manufacture and process to ensure our ethical ideals are met and that we always remain true to our vision. 

We are not here to green-wash. We are completely focused on ensuring we create clothing that is not only honest but also stylish, sophisticated and beautiful.

All our collections are sustainable and come from responsibly managed resources. This ethos covers every little detail of our garments. We only use the most eco-friendly manufacturing processes, which have minimal impact on the planet.

My name is Gabrielle Cave, I live in London with my wonderful husband and two young children. Our family are on a journey to reduce waste and live a more ethical life. I have a background in textiles and surface pattern design; owning a sustainable fashion brand has been a goal of mine since university, when I started questioning the often harmful and dangerous fashion and textiles production methods.

My world is full of pattern and colour, and I want to share this world with you by creating completely sustainable and ethical loungewear which doesn’t sacrifice any of its beauty or style for the sake of it’s credentials.

Gabrielle Cave - Founder and Creative Director of Orchard Moon
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