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Essentia Gemstone Beaded Necklace

Fluorite, Citrine, Chrysoprase, Amazonite, Tourmaline and Hematite Semi-Precious Gemstone Beaded Necklace

Introducing the Essentia semi-precious gemstone beaded necklace in gold-hued hypoallergenic stainless steel, adjustable from approx 43-49cm. It features a harmonious blend of fluorite, citrine, chrysoprase, amazonite, tourmaline, and rose gold coloured electroplated hematite.

Fluorite enhances clarity, stabilizes energy, aids emotional well-being, and provides protection. Citrine encourages positivity, abundance, and creativity. It attracts prosperity, dispels negativity, and promotes joy. Chrysoprase encourages love, compassion, and inner peace. Connecting with the heart chakra it supports emotional and physical well-being. Amazonite soothes the nervous system, enhances clarity, fosters honesty, and empowers compassionate communication. Tourmaline balances chakras, offers protection, enhances clarity, and fosters self-confidence. Hematite grounds, protects, enhances focus, and promotes balanced well-being.

The Essentia semi-precious gemstone beaded necklace encapsulates a powerful fusion of gems, each contributing unique energies. Together, they provide clarity, protection, emotional healing, and balanced well-being. Elevate your style and experience these transformative properties, embracing a harmonious blend of beauty and well-being.


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