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Felicity Colourful Pearl Beaded Necklace

Colourful Pearl Beaded Necklace in Lemon Yellow, Lavender, Peach and Sky Blue

Bring out your playful side with our whimsical Felicity colourful pearl beaded necklace, featuring irregular freshwater pearls, gold-hued hypoallergenic stainless steel, and glass beads in lemon yellow, lavender, peach, and sky blue.

These colours evoke profound emotions: lemon yellow sparks joy and vitality, lavender offers tranquillity and grace, peach provides comfort and intimacy, while sky blue is expansive and serene. Each colour harmonises with the others to help create a symphony of positive emotions.

Freshwater pearls hold a deep connection to heart and throat chakras, influencing corresponding energies, balancing body rhythms with lunar cycles, and evoking inner wisdom and love. They symbolize innocence, truth, and integrity, fostering personal growth in sincerity and wisdom. Wearing pearls embodies peace, tranquillity, humility, and simplicity, grounding you in everyday beauty. They nurture relationships and motherhood, representing good fortune, protection, and happiness, encouraging contentment and balance. Pearls also symbolize longevity, preserving the enduring nature of love and friendship.

Incorporating pearls into your jewellery invites positive energies into your life. Their calming influence aids in navigating stress and anxiety, while their symbolism of purity and kindness fosters a deeper appreciation for the world around you. Using colour therapy to enhance your mood can encourage the release of happy hormones including dopamine, so adorn yourself with our Felicity colourful pearl beaded necklace to embrace love, grace, and joy.


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