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Harmony Gemstone Beaded Necklace

Morganite Citrine and Yellow Calcite Semi-Precious Gemstone Beaded Necklace

Introducing our Harmony semi-precious gemstone beaded necklace with sterling silver fixings, adjustable from approx 45cm to 52cm. Featuring hand-selected semi-precious beads including morganite, citrine and yellow calcite.

Morganite is a gentle pink beryl, embodying love and emotional healing. It fosters trust in relationships, encourages self-love, and brings inner peace, reducing anxiety and stress. Citrine is revered for its positive energies. It’s associated with abundance, confidence, and creativity, believed to attract prosperity and dispel negativity, promoting joy and success. Yellow calcite energizes the intellect, boosts confidence, and aligns with the solar plexus chakra. It reduces stress, promotes positivity, and aids relaxation.

This trinity of powerful gems harmonizes love, emotional healing, abundance, confidence, and positive energy. Together, they create a balanced synergy, providing both spiritual enlightenment and emotional well-being for those who wear them. Wear the Harmony semi-precious gemstone beaded necklace to experience a profound sense of inner peace, empowerment, and prosperity. Elevate your style and spirit with this radiant semi-precious gemstone beaded necklace, a testament to the transformative power of natural gemstones.


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