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Indra Gemstone Rainbow Beaded Choker

Chrysoprase Semi Precious Gemstone Rainbow Beaded Choker

Lighten up with the Indra semi precious gemstone rainbow beaded choker, starring the gorgeous teal green chrysoprase mineral alongside a glorious spectrum of rainbow coloured glass beads and hypoallergenic stainless-steel beads in either silver or gold.

This short necklace is designed to wear as a choker, which extends from approximately 33-39cm

Chrysoprase is a beautiful translucent teal green variation of chalcedony. Aligned with the heart chakra, it promotes love, compassion, and forgiveness.
Chrysoprase is known to offer mental benefits, promoting self-awareness and encouraging individuals to reflect on negative behaviours and thought patterns. It brings out natural talents and inspires creativity while helping to prevent compulsive actions and thought patterns.

Furthermore, it encourages individuals to be mindful of their motives and their impact on others, fostering self-compassion and awareness that repetitive thoughts may attract undesirable situations.
Chrysoprase has the potential for healing by promoting forgiveness, compassion, emotional balance, and the healing of past wounds and trauma. It aids in conflict resolution, fosters inner peace and strength when dealing with genuine emotions, and replaces fear with unconditional love.

Chrysoprase also encourages self-acceptance and non-judgment toward others, providing a calming effect for heartache and loneliness while nurturing positive thoughts toward individuals and the environment.
Using colour therapy to enhance your mood can encourage the release of happy hormones including dopamine, so adorn yourself with our Indra chrysoprase semi-precious gemstone rainbow beaded choker to embrace creativity, compassion and inner strength.


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