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Luxury Abayas

Our luxury abayas are as soft as silk but completely cruelty free, made from sustainably managed woodland. 

They are exquisitely cut, floor length, multi-way robes which can wrap over the front, can be left open or can be tied around the waist with the accompanying long fabric belt. The belt itself can also double up as a skinny scarf, hair tie or handbag scarf.

They can be worn over a matching pyjama suit, paired with complimentary basics, or at the beach over a swimsuit, and are truly a versatile addition to any wardrobe.

Our Abayas are available exclusively at Nouf Alsudairi (opens in a new tab)

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Our luxury abayas are as sustainable as possible, from our fabric made from sustainably managed woodland, to our thread made from lyocell and our eco-friendly packaging.

We minimise the carbon footprint of transportation by sourcing as locally as possible. We do not source anything from the Far East.

We work with On A Mission to support reforestation projects worldwide, making our pyjamas carbon positive.

We obsess about every little detail. To learn more click here.

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