Womens Luxury Pyjamas

Our womens luxury pyjamas are as soft as silk but completely cruelty free, made from sustainably managed woodland. 

Our exquisitely crafted pyjamas are designed in London and made in Europe to the highest level of craftmanship and attention to detail.

All of our pieces are adorned with unique hand-painted prints inspired by nature.

Wear them from bed, to beach, to bar and beyond.

Made In Europe
Sustainable Materials
Ethically Made
Carbon Positive Products
Vegan Friendly
Slow Fashion

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Our womens luxury pyjamas are as sustainable as possible, from our fabric made from sustainably managed woodland, to our buttons made from palm tree nuts, to our thread made from lyocell and our eco-friendly packaging.

We minimise the carbon footprint of transportation by sourcing as locally as possible. We do not source anything from the Far East.

We work with On A Mission to support reforestation projects worldwide, making our pyjamas carbon positive.

We obsess about every little detail. To learn more click here.

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