ethical sourcing

At Orchard Moon we believe people and the planet come first. We are committed to ethical sourcing and doing the right thing. 

People First

People are the heart of our brand. Without our wonderful production partners Orchard Moon wouldn’t be possible. Our relationships are built on fairness and mutual respect. Brands are built on the shoulders of many and as we grow so do they.

People make clothes, not machines. Expert sewists spend their time and expertise carefully cutting and sewing each garment, which can take up to half a day per piece.

We are committed to gender and race equality and so are our suppliers. Our production partners pay their employees fairly and treat them with kindness and respect.

Environment Matters

Supply chains can be extremely complicated, and materials often criss-cross the globe as companies search for the cheapest possible place to buy the materials needed to get their products made, giving little thought to all the fuel burned in the process.

We keep our whole supply chain as local as possible so our materials have travelled shorter distances and have a smaller carbon footprint. We don’t manufacture anything in the Far East. 

We work with suppliers who care as much about the environment as we do. We are committed to reducing and recycling waste materials as much as possible. We actively avoid single use plastic.

Our suppliers are committed to processes which reduce water and energy consumption, by developing more efficient machines, processes and employee training.

Orchard Moon environment matters
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