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How to use seed paper

So you’ve got yourself one of our thankyou notes? Well you’re amazing! 

If you’re not green fingered here are some instructions on how to use your seed paper to grow a beautiful selection of meadow flowers. You can plant them out in a pot, window box or flower bed once they have sprouted.



Lay the seed paper in a tray and soak. Place the tray on a sheltered windowsill overnight. Keep the paper moist.



Fill a plant pot 2/3 with peat free compost. Place the paper on top of the soil and cover with a layer of compost. 



Keep watering your seeds. Take care to keep the soil damp but not overwatered and they should sprout in 1-2 weeks.



Once the shoots are strong enough, they can be re-potted or planted in the garden, Keep them inside in a sunny spot until the last frost has passed.

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