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Here we lay out our mission statement to build a brand which has a positive impact on people and the planet.

Designed with Love

Considered design, fewer styles, impeccable fit.
We invest a great deal of time and effort to develop thoughtfully designed clothing made for women with real bodies. Our slow fashion approach and use of all sustainable materials means our designs are planet kind. Our fit is relaxed yet smart with luxurious detailing so you’ll look and feel amazing.

Orchard Moon sustainable luxury pyjamas Calypso print designed with love
Orchard Moon sustainable luxury pyjamas Wild Rose Print detail image


All our pieces have been designed and made with the highest level of craftsmanship and attention to detail; Our pieces feature French seams, flat piping and other luxurious touches.

We work with carefully selected suppliers who share our passion for excellence and eye for detail. All our collections are produced by small factories and ateliers Europe.

sustainability runs through our core


We wanted to be a brand that was truly sustainable from the outset, a brand in which sustainability runs through its core like a backbone. Where we scrutinise every aspect of design, sourcing, manufacture and process to ensure our ethical ideals are met and that we always remain true to our vision. We are not here to green-wash.

We spend great time and effort on research and development to source the most sustainable options available and will continue to do so. Read more about our materials below.

Orchard Moon Sustainable luxury pyjamas Camille print

Ethical Sourcing

We believe that everyone should be paid a fair wage and treated with kindness and respect. We only work with suppliers whose employees are paid a fair wage and are not forced to work excessive hours or unpaid overtime.

All our suppliers comply or exceed relevant health and safety regulations and maintain a clean and healthy working environment.

We responsibly source all our fabrics, trims and packaging as locally as possible to minimise the impact that transportation has on the carbon footprint of our garments. We don’t source anything from the Far East.

Carbon Positive

Not only do we source the most sustainable materials we can, but we also believe it’s our responsibility to ensure we give back to the environment more than we take. With that aim, we are committed to remaining carbon positive by offsetting more carbon than we use.

We have partnered with On A Mission, to support their sustainable reforestation projects around the world. They work on a select number of reforestation schemes with a focus on local communities and biodiversity in places such as Madagascar and Brazil.

To learn more visit the on a Mission Website:

Orchard Moon carbon positive

a vegan alternative to silk

Cruelty Free

Silk has been considered the most luxurious fabric for centuries and is traditionally associated with luxury nightwear. We believe in treating all animals with kindness and respect, including the animal who produces silk filament, the silk worm.

Silk worms are a type of caterpillar; their cocoon is the source of silk. Approximately a trillion silk worms are boiled alive every year to make enough silk to feed the global demand, which is increasing year on year.

It takes approximately 3000 cocoons to make one pair of silk pyjamas. Orchard Moon will never harm any animals, big or small, in the production of our garments. 

Vegan Friendly

We’re committed to using only vegan friendly materials in our products. All our fabrics start life as trees grown in sustainably managed European woodlands.

We completely eschew the use of silk in our luxury products; with the latest technology and fabric innovations it is now possible to get super silky soft fabrics which are an environmentally friendly and vegan alternative to silk.

Orchard Moon Sustainable luxury pyjamas Calypso print
Orchard Moon sustainable luxury nightwear Camille print fabric low waste

Low Waste

We are a small, independent brand producing our clothing in limited quantities to ensure all our pieces find a loving home.

Of course, when you cut pattern pieces out of a roll of fabric, there are unused scraps of fabric. We minimise what goes onto the cutting room floor by careful planning, and we save all our off-cuts and either recycle them or use them to make smaller items such as our scrunchies.

Any waste materials in our supply chain are minimised: re-captured and reused or processed and recycled safely in accordance with EU or UK regulations.

"Amazing things happen when women help other women" - Kasia Gospo

Giving Back

As a female led brand, we are passionate about empowering women.  We pledge to donate a percentage of our profits to charities which help women and mothers who are escaping domestic abuse or homelessness, because everyone deserves a good night’s sleep. 

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