sustainable materials

To bring our garments to life we always use materials which are as sustainable as possible. 

80% of the environmental footprint of a garment is decided at the design stage. It’s crucial to design sustainability into clothing from the outset. Choosing the right fabric is the most important consideration when designing clothes. Learn more about our sustainable material choices here

tencel® - lyocell

Wood Chips

We use Tencel® and lyocell filament for our garments, two of the most sustainable fabrics available. Tencel® is a brand of lyocell made by Lenzing in Austria. Lyocell is derived from the cellulose found in trees. Trees are an excellent resource to make fabric with because they already grow in suitable environments and they don’t require intensive farming methods or any extra water other than what nature can provide. No pesticides are used so they are naturally organic. 

Our suppliers only use FSC certified materials, which means they come from sustainably managed forests. Fast growing trees like beech and eucalyptus are used. They are cut down rather than uprooted, so they can grow back, replenishing the forests. It ensures that ancient woodlands and endangered forests, and the animal species within those fragile ecosystems are protected from illegal logging.

Making lyocell is a gentle process using a harmless solvent called amine oxide, 99% of which is recovered, and the rest is treated biologically. The wood chips are pulped, broken down into a viscous liquid then extruded into fibres.

Lyocell filament is a ground breaking new material. Unlike fibres, which are a staple length, lyocell filament is a continuous strand (as is silk, and nylon), and when spun together creates the ultimate smoothest, silkiest fabric.

Tencel® has a tendency to ‘fibrillate’, which gives it a cosy, fuzzy peach skin like texture, and feels like a gentle stroking sensation.

Combining Tencel® with lyocell filament makes a truly unique and sensual fabric which creates a wonderfully soothing feel on the body.

corozo buttons


Our engraved buttons are made from corozo, also known as tagua nut or vegan ivory. It has the same hand feel as ivory, cool to the touch yet soft and silky. It is extremely hard and dense and has a beautiful natural grain. Our buttons are completely bespoke. Lovingly made in Italy and engraved in France, they retain the beautiful undyed natural colour which they started with.

Corozo comes from several varieties of palm native to South America. The palms are nurtured year after year using non-destructive methods. Tagua nut farming stimulates local rural economies and provides an alternative to cutting down rainforests for farm land. Corozo is a kind material. We choose not to use any products of animal origin which include mother of pearl, abalone, horn or ivory.

organic elastic


Most elastic found in clothing today is man-made from synthetic sources. These materials never biodegrade, they just break down into smaller and smaller pieces creating micro-plastics in the environment.

Our elastic is 100% natural, made from organic cotton and natural rubber – no petroleum based elastane here! Natural rubber has been used for over 1,000 years and will biodegrade, given time.

Nowadays rubber trees grow in tropical and subtropical climates in  South East Asia. The majority of rubber plantations are in Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia. Rubber trees take 7-10 years to reach maturity and are then farmed for up to 30 years. 


Orchard Moon luxury gift box Ephemeral Bloom print pyjamas

Gift Box

Our bespoke gift boxes are made in the UK. The boards are made using up to 70% recycled materials and virgin FSC (Forestry Standards Commission) certified trees. The glue is certified biodegradable, and the beautiful teal blue paper covering is made from wood-free FSC certified pulp which is free from elemental chlorine, acid, and heavy metals. Our gift boxes have a tactile woven pattern and are blind debossed with the Orchard Moon brand logo. We choose not to use any foiling or lamination on our gift boxes to ensure they are plastic free and completely biodegradable.

Their custom shape has been perfectly designed to fit our pyjamas. However they are a really useful size, and we encourage you to keep your box and reuse it to store your accessories or bits and bobs.

Inside the gift box you will find acid free white tissue paper which is made from 99% recycled pulp, held together with a debossed Orchard Moon sticker made from sugar cane fibre (bagasse). Bagasse is an environmentally friendly paper composed of 95% sugar cane fibres, 5% hemp and linen, and 100% waste materials.

Seed Paper

Orchard Moon seed paper

Our postcards and thankyou notes are made from seed paper, and contain bee-friendly seeds which when planted will grow into beautiful summer flowers. The inks used are organic vegetable based inks so no toxins are released into the environment when the paper decomposes. For instructions on how to grow your seed paper, click here

Postal Packaging

recycled corrugated cardboard

Our kraft corrugated mailing boxes are made in the UK by a Sedex audited supplier. Kraft is made from between 75%-100% recycled materials, and can be recycled again and again. In the UK, corrugated cardboard has the highest incidence of recycling, as much as 85% of all corrugated card is recycled. Our packing tape is also made from kraft paper, not plastic, and uses natural rubber adhesive. It can be fully recycled along with the box.

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